SpecGrade LED offers the very best in high quality, specification-grade LED lighting instruments for achieving the best lighting conditions at loading docks, shipping centers, and distribution facilities the world over.

For loading dock, shipyard, and train yard lights, SpecGrade’s LED lighting instruments can help increase safety and performance at your loading dock with cost-effective LED lighting solutions. The most important issues in proper LED wall pack, LED flood, and LED canopy dock lighting are performance, visibility, beam uniformity, and safety. In these key performance areas, LED lighting has significant advantages over high pressure sodium, metal halide, or fluorescent technologies.



LED loading dock lighting is currently the most efficient technology, providing more lumens per watt and longer life which leads to lower maintenance cost. SpecGrade LED provides marine, shipyard, and train yard LED lighting solutions that improve visibility, increase employee safety, and reduce your costs. And, if you ever experience a power surge, your LED lighting will come back on instantly.


The more active your loading dock or staging area, the higher the light level requirements for optimum visibility. Higher luminance will improve the visibility of the area, helping to compensate for poor contrast and smaller objects. Employees can see significantly better under LED dock area lighting over other technologies due to the optimal color rendering and beam uniformity.


The superior value offered by LED technology for train yard and loading dock lighting stems from superior beam uniformity within the range of available light. Lighting uniformity on loading docks is essential because it improves employee performance and area visibility across the entire space. This means that your forklift drivers will be able to navigate the area without constantly having to adjust their eyes, an asset that increases performance and safety for everyone involved.


A high Color Rendering Index (CRI) number is critical to shipyards and train yards. The higher the Color Rendering Index (CRI), the more accurate color appears to the eye. The LED dock lighting can be specified to have the highest CRI of any other light source, which results in fewer mistakes and a safer dock environment.