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Since 2003, SpecGrade has taken a leadership role in LED applications by engineering innovative, quality LED solutions that stand the test of time. In industries littered with ‘good-enough’ LED products, we focus on exceeding client expectations. We achieve this by working with integrity, and setting a high bar for engineering, spectral excellence, and uniformity.

We have developed next generation passive thermal management systems for indoor farming applications while engineering a modular system that can be quickly updated with new technology at minimal costs. Our consistent aim is increasing crop yields and lowering energy costs, and actively collaborate with growers and plant consultants throughout the US and Canada, as well as research universities like Ohio State University School of Horticulture & Crop Science, to develop the finest grow lights integrated with proven spectral excellence. This will remain our mission moving forward.

As specialists in the constantly evolving complex grow lighting applications, we stand ready to counsel our clients on numerous levels including running photometric PPFD calculations, consulting with in-house engineers or with simply our experience.

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VERTA Graphic

4-Bar & 8-Bar

Indoor Applications
Powerful & Low-Profile

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SpecGrade LED - GROW - MEDIA - 04
LINEA Graphic


Low Profile – No Shadowing
For Greenhouse Applications

FLORA Graphic

3, 5, & 10-Bar

For Vegging Applications

10 bar View 1 - Optimized
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Inter-Lighting For
Flowering Applications

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US Based Manufacturer of
LED Lighting Products For
Indoor Farming Applications

SpecGrade is committed to increasing our client’s yields while lowering their initial investment and operational costs. Based in Columbus, Ohio, we have a network of over 75 professional representatives in the US, Canada, and the Caribbean Islands ready to support you and our grow lights.



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