Mesh Networking

From Synapse, our Controls Partner

With a managed services approach, Synapse provides its customers with end-to-end intelligent systems that begin with a deep understanding of how to apply technology to business problems in ways that create value. Synapse’s team goes far beyond making devices talk to and control one another. They develop well-managed, easily replicated smart solutions with no single point of failure that deliver real-time aggregated data which boosts efficiency, saves energy, controls and maintains equipment, tracks assets and inventory, and ultimately refines and transforms business models.

SimplySNAP Wireless Lighting Control System

SNAP enables millions of diverse devices, fitted with Synapse sensor technology for wireless communication, to effectively communicate in a way that makes each sensor and device part of an intelligent system that can both sense and respond (to) data.

Synapse’s SNAP technology elevates yesterday’s device monitoring to a place where organizations can reinvent their business models based on new analytics gathered by the intelligent devices managed by the SNAP network.

Quickly and easily deployed, Synapse created SNAP with the flexibility to seamlessly interface with the Internet, run concurrently with existing network infrastructures, and allow for upgrades to processors and other technologies — extending its scalability to existing and future technology.

IoT solutions featuring Synapse’s SNAP technology can be found in many industries including smart lighting controls, manufacturing, smart agriculture, asset tracking, food processing, pest control, facilities management and more.

SNAP Features

  • Scheduled
  • Individual Fixture Control
  • Provides 0-10V Dimming Capacity
  • Energy Reporting
  • Backbone for other Networks
  • Multiple User Levels
  • Signal Strength Monitoring
  • Provides ability to predict potential RF issues
  • Secure Network
  • Data Maintained Behind Firewall