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For Vegging Applications

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Engineered Vertical Farming

SpecGrade’s Flora series is the perfect LED sole-source solution for the critical veg, clone, and propagation stages of a plant’s life because it provides a low profile form factor with superior PAR control and uniformity. Lower intensity levels coupled with 0-10V dimming give the cultivator the ability to lower operating costs and improve the horticultural environment. To minimize stress during this phase, the proprietary thermal management system is designed to direct heat away from the delicate plants.

And finally, our proven K1 spectrum will increase your plant’s structural integrity, reduce veg cycle times, ensure proper photosynthesis, as well as increase root biomass.

Flora - Vertical Farming



  • Dimensions: 42.5” x 10.6” x 2.4”
  • System Power: 90W
  • PPF: > 200 μmol/s
  • PPFD: > 228 μmol/sec/m. (based on a 10-bar 40’x 60’ room size hanging 6” over the canopy)
  • Efficacy: >2.2 μmol/J (± 5%)



  • Dimensions: 42.5” x 20” x 2.4”
  • System Power: 150W
  • PPF: > 332 μmol/s
  • PPFD: > 380 μmol/sec/m. (based on a 10-bar 40’x 60’ room size hanging 6” over the canopy)
  • Efficacy: >2.2 μmol/J (± 5%)



  • Dimensions: 42.5” x 42.5” x 2.4”
  • System Power: 300W
  • PPF: >664 μmol/s
  • PPFD: > 760 μmol/sec/m. (based on a 10-bar 40’x 60’ room size hanging 6” over the canopy)
  • Efficacy: >2.6 μmol/J (± 5%)

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Sometimes Less Is More...

Less Heat

Our proprietary engineered printed circuit boards together with our extruded aluminum heat sinking are designed to conduct heat away from plants. This enables you to suspend the Flora within 6” over the plant without fear of giving it too much heat.

Less Height

We’ve designed the industry’s most low-profile grow lights. The Flora’s height, at only 1.0”, is designed to let you optimize vertical growing space.

...But Not Always


SpecGrade’s proven K-1 propagation/vegetation full-spectrum is rich in blue light to encourage strong stalk and healthy long-term growth.



Our Flora, like the Linea and Verta, is designed and engineered modularly to enable maintenance associates to quickly and easily update the printed circuit boards with new technology or to simply change them out to try a new spectrum.

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Robust Construction

Robust Construction


Because grow lighting equipment is commonly exposed to water, dust, dirt, humidity, and high levels of ambient temperatures, on May 4, 2017 Underwriters Laboratory (UL) published UL8800, a set of safety requirements to be used when evaluating lighting equipment. That includes not only the grow light, but also non-permanent cords and plugs for indoor farming applications. The specifier should look for this UL safety mark before purchasing this type of equipment. 



High uniformity levels ensures that each plant will receive an equal amount of photons. Using an unprecedented 1120 LEDs across 10 bars over a 42” x 42” form factor assures unmatched industry uniformity.


Antimicrobial Finish (Optional)

Our antimicrobial paint additive, standard with every SpecGrade grow light is formulated to provide lasting and effective protection against harmful microorganisms such as bacteria, viruses, fungi, algae, mold, and mildew.

10-7 Warranty Badge Graphic

10/7 Warranty

Because we build each grow light to the highest standards, we feel comfortable providing the 10/7 Warranty. Every SpecGrade grow light comes with a 10-year warranty on the LED boards and a 7-year warranty on the drivers. View our warranty details here.


Daisy-Chain Wiring Solution

SpecGrade offers our clients a Daisy-Chain Solution that significantly reduces the
cost of an electrical contractor dropping a wire for each grow light. Or, it can turn
the project into a time-saving do-it-yourself job.