TestimonialsThe Ohio State University “…By replacing the HIDs with LEDs, we saved electric power consumption by ~40% and increased PPFD over the plants by ~100%! …Your LEDs have the special optical design to target the photons over the plants and minimizing the wasteful use of energy. Without that technology the energy saving would have been…


Frequently Asked Questions What is PAR? PAR stands for photosynthetically active radiation. It designates the spectral range (wave band) of solar radiation from 400 to 700 nanometers that photosynthetic organisms are able to use in the process of photosynthesis. LEDs attempt to tailor the spectrum to the plant that is being cultivated. The spectrum visible…


Certifications UL and ETL To ensure electrical safety, our products are tested and approved by Underwriters Laboratory (UL) and Electrical Safety (ETL). These test documents are available for consumers to assess and compare products using accurate third-party data as opposed to manufacturer-supplied marketing materials. UL8800 UL8800 is a set of safety requirements maintained by UL…

“…I have a more even coverage over the canopy with the LEDs laid out in bars…Overall I am so very impressed with the dimmable Verta 8, that I am planning to replace all of the lights in my mother room to 24 Verta-8’s, as the build quality and the dimmable ability just can’t be beat.”

Todd McCormick
Todd McCormickConsultant
San Francisco, CA

“Our (experienced) grower said we’ve never seen lights that worked this well before …we couldn’t be happier with our relationship with SpecGrade. Rick & Doug have been excellent partners in our new grow facility. They have reacted quickly to our requests and have shown us new products that are increasing our yields.”

Tom HobsonGrower at Wellsprings
Ravenna, OH

“Specgrade’s Verta-8 is leading the way on electric efficiency, balance efficiency, superior/robust physical design as well as it is easy to set up. It is producing 70 grams per sq. ft. and above…high quality, top shelf of dry flower.”

Mask Group 20
Nelson LindsleyAgriculture Consultant at Poetry of Plants

“We have found that SpecGrade’s past experience in commercial lighting has translated to an innovative, yet competitive, approach to a variety of grow light applications in greenhouses. We look forward to continuing this exciting collaborative relationship with them.”

George DickinsonPresident at Canna Pro

“…we harvested last week and the Specgrade LED lights did exceptionally well. The white A1 spectrum made 40.5 oz., the red made 38.55 oz., and the Spyder light [Fluence] made 30.25 oz.”

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Steve StaudenmierGrower at Green Solutions
Portland, OR


What We OfferLED Lighting For The Professional Grower Since 2003, SpecGrade has taken a leadership role in LED applications by engineering innovative, quality LED solutions that stand the test of time. In industries littered with ‘good-enough’ LED products, we focus on exceeding client expectations. We achieve this by working with integrity, and setting a high…