Introducing Our Advanced LED Grow Lights with OpticPAR™ Technology

With indoor crop production gaining significant traction in the United States and abroad, SpecGrade LED is excited to announce our new advanced OpticPAR™ LED grow light technology for the indoor plant cultivation industry. SpecGrade engineers created this technology on our foundation of experience in designing and manufacturing LED lighting systems for commercial and industrial applications for over 15 years. That foundation has led to an LED grow light system that integrates optics, thermal control, and electronics into a unified design for optimal lighting performance and the fastest return on investment available.

OpticPAR™ Advanced LED Grow Lights

SpecGrade LED’s grow light systems provide unparalleled optics and spectral accuracy functionality. Professional cultivators understand that delivering the right amount of photosynthetically active radiation (PAR) is the key to proper lighting for plant cultivation. OpticPAR™ LED grow light systems are available with multiple lens options that give cultivators the best control over PAR and optimum photosynthetic photon flux density (PPFD) across plant canopies and below those canopies into the plants’ leafy undergrowth.

OpticPAR™ spectral accuracy generates light in the ideal wavelengths for optimal chlorophyll activation and glucose production that can be tuned to match the needs of all plant varietals. These optical and spectral features combine to produce both higher yields and higher quality plants in indoor growing facilities.

Unlike other commercial grow lights that generate substantial amounts of excess heat, which can affect the growing environment and degrade the diodes over time, SpecGrade LED’s grow lights operate at substantially lower physical temperatures than are typical of commercial LED lighting technology. Like all of SpecGrade LED’s products, our OpticPAR™ technology integrates proprietary passive cooling technology into the fixture housing. That technology draws heat away from the electronic drivers that control the lights, which extends the useful lifespan and improves the economics of these advanced LED grow light systems.

The Benefits of Advanced LED Technology

All of our LED grow light systems are rated to perform at above 70% of their initial lighting quality for up to 100,000 hours of continuous use. Those systems also consume a fraction of the electrical energy input that is consumed by more traditional indoor horticultural lighting, which reduces an indoor cultivation facility’s utility costs and further contributes to the overall economics of an LED grow light system with OpticPAR™ technology.

The LED circuit boards and electronic controls in all of SpecGrade LED’s grow light systems have been engineered to fit into an integrated LED aluminum/copper housing that resists degradation or failure due to moisture or water damage. Our passive cooling technology eliminates the need for cooling fans or other mechanical cooling devices that can fail in high-humidity greenhouse environments.

OpticPAR™ LED Grow Lights

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SpecGrade LED offers three lines of advanced grow lights that utilize its OpticPAR™ technology:

Each of these lines has been designed and manufactured with the same robust engineering that characterizes our commercial and industrial lighting fixtures for indoor and outdoor sports stadiums, airports, highways, city streets, oil drilling platforms, warehouses, and large distribution centers. All of our LED grow light systems come with a full lifetime guarantee to give indoor cultivation facilities uninterrupted lighting performance for many years.

SpecGrade LED is a domestic company with headquarters in Columbus, Ohio. We have a network of LED grow light consultants throughout North America that are available to consult with indoor cultivation facilities and to design the most effective and cost-efficient lighting system to serve those facilities.

For more information about SpecGrade LED’s advanced OpticPAR™ grow light technology for the indoor plant cultivation industry, please see our website or call 888-410-5337 to speak with one of our LED grow light technology specialists.