Illinois State University




One of the fastest pools in the state of Illinois, Horton Pool is part of the Horton Athletic Complex at the Illinois State University in Normal, IL. Located just north of Redbird Arena, the complex is comprised of six lanes, a dry board inside and outside, a trampoline for training, and a hot tub for relaxing muscles. Horton Pool allows for Redbird swimmers and divers to conveniently train on campus for competition.


In a retrofit application of Horton Pool, Illinois State University hung 35 of our 400-watt HBXSL-H in their natatorium. We treated the casketing and applied a corrosion resistant paint to the body of the fixture. Given that the primary goals were to save on costs and maintain the longevity of the fixtures in a moisture-rich environment, we treated the housing with corrosion-resistant paint, changed the hardware to stainless steel, and treated the casketing with chlorine resistant chemical.


SpecGrade LED’s reliability was a major issue because any maintenance would require them to drain the pool. With their concerns for longevity met and the energy costs down almost 50% thanks to the replacement of their old metal halide fixtures with SpecGrade LED lighting solutions, Illinois State is quite pleased with the brightness and quality of their natorium lighting.