SpecGrade LED is the premier manufacturer of quality, specification-grade LED lighting technology used in a variety of outdoor spaces all over the world.

Illuminating exterior spaces or the outside of a building requires special attention to fixture placement, intensity, color, and duration of use to attain a proper lighting design aimed at safety, energy efficiency, and cost reduction.

Optics and Wattages: Many SpecGrade LED floods are available in multiple beam spreads and wattages to ensure your LED lighting design has a uniform distribution of light as well as an intensity that matches the building’s height and aesthetics. When spec’ing our LED fixtures, make sure you specify one with attention to cut-off to guarantee you avoid light pollution.

Safety: Every SpecGrade LED is engineered to provide excellent beam uniformity. Meaning, the entire beam of light has the same intensity.This is especially helpful when safety is an issue such as the entire beam of light is uniform to ensure there are no dark areas. Video cameras really perform well under this light source.

Color Temperature: Whether it’s contemporary or period architecture, maintain the integrity of the structure by specifying the correct color temperature (Kelvin temperature). A warmer and softer appearance requires about a 3000K-4000K color temperature. A soft contemporary feel would normally require 4100K-5000K. And, when safety is critical you might want to consider 5000K or higher.



SpecGrade LED’s energy efficient exterior luminaires are designed and engineered to give the specifier accurate color temperatures ranging from 3000K to 6000K. For example, if your application involves southern coastal lighting, which would have an adverse effect on sea turtles, we can build you an LED luminaire with 590nm. In another example, if you have an application that involves illuminating an older building while keeping the integrity of the architecture, we can build you a luminaire at 2200K, or high pressure sodium, a color temperature that gives off a softer warmer glow on the yellow side of the color spectrum.


Exterior applications such as walkways, steps, and landscaping areas can present safety and security challenges to realizing energy savings. Designing an effective LED solution to lighting up exterior space requires attention to good color rendering that takes the needs of the environment into account as well as light beam uniformity that doesn’t sacrifice lumen output.


Due to a general concern for potential litigation from accidents or crime-related events, beam uniformity for security cameras becomes an important factor when designing a lighting plan. SpecGrade LED’s luminaire beam uniformity prevents shadowing while maintaining consistent lumen output performance. This combination of SpecGrade LED lighting features provides a complete package that supports safety and security elements while ensuring energy efficiency. LEDs last longer so you won’t have to change the bulbs often. Plus, you’ll save significant monies on energy costs while reducing your carbon footprint.


  • Tree Up-Lighting
  • Plant Accent Lighting
  • Retaining Wall Lighting
  • Hardscape Lighting

Landscape areas are a great place for LED lighting even though color stability and color rendering are not as crucial. Also, you can turn off the lights in remote areas, such as parking lots, and install motion sensors for situations that require instant light in a specific area.