SpecGrade LED offers the most durable, high performance explosion proof lighting for hazardous locations available on the market today.

SpecGrade LED offers a cutting edge line of hazardous location LED fixtures that include durable copper-free aluminum frames with powdered epoxy finish, tempered glass and corrosion resistant stainless steel, with heat sink technology that dissipates thermal buildup for increased efficiency and performance. This combination of features ensures continuous operation of up to 100,000 hours in even the most intense environments.



Each of our hazardous location LED fixtures is embedded in a carefully designed copper-free aluminum housing and shielded with tempered glass for a superior structural integrity that can withstand almost any form of direct force or local explosion. In hazardous environments, it’s imperative that your lighting fixtures offer no spark or burst that could set off a dangerous chain reaction or explosion.


We’ve certified our fixtures with the NEC and CEC standards for hazardous materials and environments, including;

  • Class 1 Div 1
  • Class 1 Div 2
  • Class 2 Div 1
  • Class 2 Div 2
  • Class 3 Div 1
  • Class 3
  • Groups A, B, C, D, E, F, G
  • UL Marine


As with all of our lighting fixtures, the hazardous location series is engineered with revolutionary heat sink technology that dissipates thermal buildup with thick layers of copper free die cast aluminum to catch and disperse the excess heat produced by the electrical system, ensuring up to 100,000 hours of consistent and reliable use that far surprasses the lifespan of most LED fixtures.


All SpecGrade LED fixtures benefit from superior optics engineering and beam uniformity that offer optimal performance conditions for workers. Depending on the specified fixture, our LED luminaires can save you over 66% in energy costs, plus reduce the maintenance costs associated with metal halide and high-pressure sodium light sources, all while providing evenly illuminated working spaces with specifically calibrating Color Rendering Indices for your work environment.


There are wide range of industries and markets that classify as hazardous locations and require exceptional engineering in their lighting specifications. Our products are tested and fine-tuned to the following industries and more;

  • Hydro Power
  • Land Drill & Production
  • Offshore Production
  • Wind Energy
  • Mining
  • Waste Treatment
  • LNG/GAS Processing
  • Power Transmission & Distribution Centers
  • Bridge & Highway
  • Data Centers
  • Nuclear, Fossil, & BioMass Power Generation
  • Solar Power
  • Industrial & Manufacturing Plants
  • Refining/PetroChem
  • Pipeline Stations
  • Agricultural