Our high quality luminaires are known for longer life and cooler burning temperatures ensuring an even beam spread across the entire parking lot, an aspect that contributes to the overall safety and security of your parking facility. Thanks to our sophisticated engineering, parking lots no longer have to be shadowy areas of uneven lighting. SpecGrade LED’s parking lot lighting is making walking to your car safe again.



Our LED SL series parking lot luminaires are engineered with a modular design to not only optimize thermal management, but also to make any necessary maintenance easy and for future light engine upgrades. To promote low operating temperatures and long life, our LED drivers are mounted in direct contact with the sturdy powder coated housing casting. This also provides resistance to weathering and corrosion. Our SL housings are engineered to have a low wind factor (WPA) while being completely sealed against moisture (IP65).


SpecGrade LED parking lot luminaires are engineered with innovative proprietary optical lenses that provides type II, III, IV and V distributions to properly distribute light where it is needed, without shadowy drops in the available light. The 5 degree beam technology of our parking lot lighting fixtures promises precision and glare control in wide open environments.


Our LED parking lot lighting is specified with energy efficient Cree LEDs that perform at over 90lm/watt and quality drivers that perform at over 95% efficiency. Available with occupancy sensors to control the parking lot lighting levels and increase efficiency, add a Design Light Consortium (DLC) listing and it is clear that SpecGrade LED parking lot lighting is an excellent spec for your next parking lot.


SpecGrade LED’s line of specification grade lighting instruments have attained the highest efficiency ratings and quality standards in our industry. Our patented heat-sink technology means our fixtures burn 20% cooler than the competition, offering longer life and brighter light for the luminaire. Experience the highest that LED engineering has to offer with SpecGrade’s line of specialty LED.