SpecGrade LED offers superior specification-grade LED technology for retail stores, malls, and shopping centers of all sizes all over the world, providing custom color balance and tremendous energy savings.

Retail environments require highly specialized lighting strategy, an asset that is critical on many different levels. Proper retail store lighting can significantly impact a customer’s purchasing behavior as well as create a sense of safety and well-being associated with the shopping experience, both of which can affect your bottom line. Storefront lighting may determine if a customer will even walk through the door for the first point of contact and can affect how long the customer will stay, if a purchase is made, and which items are selected. Lighting is the most important aesthetic to consider for your retail environment.



LED retail lighting has a Color Rendering Index (CRI) number which measures how natural the color of light appears to the eye. A more natural light means that your products and merchandise will be more appealing to your customers and thus improve their experience and influence their buying decisions. Of course, a merchant’s brand does not always require bright, natural illumination. In the case of Victoria’s Secret, where a warmer color temperature of light is more beneficial, specific filtering and diffusion of the light are necessary to capture the desired aesthetic. When you buy SpecGrade LED lighting, we can produce a custom color temperature that is appropriate for your store’s lighting fixtures and your desired customer experience.


It is equally important that a retail customer safely navigate through the store. A customer should never have to move from a well-lit area into a darker area and then back to a well-lit area, as this comes across that you are not providing your customer with a sense of safety or a clear view of your products. Our LED optics are engineered to throw a uniform beam distribution so that when beams overlap, a customer does not experience any dark areas while shopping.


In the competitive world of retail, any cost savings can be critical to the merchant’s bottom line. SpecGrade LED’s energy efficient LED retail store luminaires can save about two-thirds of your electric usage. Coupled with an expected life of over 100,000 hours, which minimizes the maintenance factor of changing lamps, SpecGrade LED has the perfect solution for your retail environment.


SpecGrade LED’s line of specification grade lighting instruments have attained the highest efficiency ratings and quality standards in our industry. Our patented heat-sink technology means our fixtures burn 20% cooler than the competition, offering longer life and brighter light for the luminaire. Experience the highest that LED engineering has to offer with SpecGrade’s line of specialty LED.