SpecGrade LED is a leading manufacturer of superior specification-grade LED luminaires for warehouses, storage facilities, and manufacturing operations all over the world.

The best LED warehouse lighting solves four important lighting issues including performance, visibility, beam uniformity, and safety. SpecGrade LED’s facility lighting has significant advantages over high pressure sodium, metal halide, or fluorescent technologies and provides the highest ratings in energy efficiency and instrument operating temperatures.



LED lighting for your warehouse facility is currently the most energy efficient technology as LED lights provide more lumens per watt and have a longer life, thanks to our patented heat-sink technology, resulting in lower maintenance cost for your warehouse distribution center.


In terms of proper visibility for stockrooms and warehouses, the important factors to consider include the tasks performed, the age of the workers, and the type of space – whether it’s an open space or one lined with racks. The more active the area, such as a loading dock or staging area, the higher the light level requirements. LED’s higher luminance will help compensate for poor contrast and smaller objects, and can reduce your operating costs up to 66%.


LED warehouse and distribution center lighting has superior beam uniformity. The human eye functions more comfortably and efficiently when the luminance within the field of vision is fairly uniform. Lighting uniformity within a warehouse space is essential because it can improve employee performance. For example, forklift drivers work faster when they can look up and down the stacks of product without constantly having to wait for their eyes to adjust to the varying levels of brightness in the facility’s lighting.


Employees can see better under LED warehouse lighting over other technologies due to better color rendering. The higher the Color Rendering Index (CRI), the more accurate the colors and definition perceived by the eye. LED warehouse lighting can be specified to have the highest CRI of any light source. This results in fewer mistakes and a safer warehouse environment. Also, should a power surge occur, metal halide can take 10-15 minutes to re-light where LED lighting will come back on instantly.



With energy costs on the rise, industrial facility managers are looking for ways to increase energy efficiency without losing light quality in their facilities. Fortunately, the latest advancements in LED warehouse lighting technology from SpecGrade LED have introduced unparalleled thermal management, energy efficiency, and optics customization to the warehouse lighting market.


We’ve pioneered cutting-edge trends in fixture design for industrial LED lighting for warehouses to reach unprecedented levels of thermal management and heat dissipation. Our proprietary double-folded aluminum fin technology creates more surface area for effective heat sink and increases the longevity of the warehouse lighting fixture. With a full spectrum of LED lighting color casting more lumens per watt than any other warehouse lighting technology, SpecGrade’s warehouse led lighting solutions create a safer, more productive environment for workers and saves the facility management on energy costs.


When your warehouse or storage facility is ready to decrease energy costs with more efficient LED lighting, contact SpecGrade’s team of expert specifiers and engineers. Our years of experience perfecting LED warehouse lighting technology make us an excellent resource for planning your project. Welcome to the next generation of industrial warehouse led lighting.