Bowling Green State University




Founded in 1910, Bowling Green State University is located 30 miles south of Toledo in northwest Ohio and boasts over 19,000 students.

Home to BGSU Women’s Swimming and Diving Team and the Bowling Green Swim Club, Cooper Pool is a popular place to work out and have fun. This 50-meter x 25-yard Olympic-sized pool is kept at a temperature of 80º and offers water basketball in the shallow end. 5- and 7-meter platforms and 1- and 3-meter spring boards are located in the deep end. Cooper Pool also features a scoreboard measuring approximately 11ft x 20ft.


The challenge for the SpecGrade team was to retrofit the existing 20 1000W Metal Halide fixtures with LED luminaires while achieving an even illumination across the pool, all while minimizing the glare off the water, which had been an issue for their women’s swimming and diving team. The older fixtures were burning through 20,000 watts of energy at 277 volts during normal daily operation and the university was interested in saving money on their energy costs.


Using 18 of our AFL Series fixtures at 5,000K, we achieved superior light levels with minimal glare using 2 less fixtures than the original Metal Halide setup. Using 10,400 Watts at 277 Volts @ 5000K color temperature with 3 different optics, we cut their energy usage in half and improved the visibility within the facility. Bowling Green State University saved a tremendous amount of money on their energy costs and couldn’t be happier.