Inter-Canopy Lighting

Extra 60


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Dimension4.9” X 42.5” X 5.4”
System Power60W (30W Per Bar)
PPF>136 μmol/s (for both bars)
Efficacy>2.23 μmol/J (± 5%)


m1 spectrum

M1 was designed to enhance the flowering stage of a plant’s life. Our client feed-back indicates increased yields of 10%-20% for cannabis plants.While the inter-canopy grow lighting is not a new concept, it is a well-recognized method of increasing yields.

proven results

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modular engineering

Take a look at how the EXTRA inter-canopy grow light is designed for easy future technology updates


Our proprietary engineered printed circuit boards, together with highly engineered extruded aluminum heat sinking, is designed to conduct heat away from the plants. These 30-watt bars, with an integral lens, will provide additional photons while adding negligible heat.

Our finely-tuned M-1 spectrum will provide the additional PAR required to increase yields while not impacting the plant with heat. This proven balanced red-blue combination spectra is optimal for vegetative and flowering, resulting in some of the industry’s highest yields and fastest ROIs.

The Extra was designed to deliver additional amounts of PAR without interfering with plant growth. Each bar, measuring only 1” tall and 1” wide is equipped with a highly translucent glass lens.

Each Extra inter-lighting bar has a 60° aimable range to ensure the additional PAR is directed to the area of the plant that is most likely to increase yield.

The Extra features proprietary extruded aluminum heat sinking and an optic grade tempered glass lens that allows for power washing to maintain desired PPFD levels. This ensures the Extra will stand up to the harsh environment of a grow facility.

Our antimicrobial paint additive, optional with select SpecGrade grow lights, is formulated to provide lasting and effective protection against harmful microorganisms such as bacteria, viruses, fungi, algae, mold and mildew.

Because we build each grow light to the highest standards we feel comfortable providing the 10/7 Warranty Every SpecGrade grow light comes with a 10- year warranty on the LED boards and a 7-year warranty on the drivers. View our warranty details here.

SpecGrade offers our clients a Daisy-Chain Solution that significantly reduces the
cost of an electrical contractor dropping a wire for each grow light. Or, it can turn
the project into a time-saving do-it-yourself job.


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