The Ohio State University

“…By replacing the HIDs with LEDs, we saved electric power consumption by ~40% and increased PPFD over the plants by ~100%! …Your LEDs have the special optical design to target the photons over the plants and minimizing the wasteful use of energy. Without that technology the energy saving would have been much smaller.”


Chieri Kubota, Ph.D.
Professor, The Ohio State University
Department of Horticulture and Crop Science

Green Solutions

“…we harvested last week and the Specgrade LED lights did exceptionally well. The white A1 spectrum made 40.5 oz., the red made 38.55 oz., and the Spyder light [Fluence] made 30.25 oz.”



Steve Staudenmier
Portland, OR

Canna Pro

“We have found that SpecGrade’s past experience in commercial lighting has translated to an innovative, yet competitive, approach to a variety of grow light applications in greenhouses.
We look forward to continuing this exciting collaborative relationship with them.”


George Dickinson

Poetry of Plants

“Specgrade’s Verta-8 is leading the way on electric efficiency, balance efficiency, superior/robust physical design as well as it is easy to set up. It is producing 70 grams per sq. ft. and above…high quality, top shelf of dry flower.”



Nelson Lindsley
Agriculture Consultant


“…I am seeing higher resin production than I have seen on this strain before. I am running at an extremely reduced load on my HVAC as well because this fixture runs so cool and efficient….The overall quality of the lights are amazing and I’m looking forward to seeing what they can do in a production facility.”



Laine Keyes
Chase, British Columbia (Canada)


“Our (experienced) grower said we’ve never seen lights that worked this well before …we couldn’t be happier with our relationship with SpecGrade. Rick & Doug have been excellent partners in our new grow facility. They have reacted quickly to our requests and have shown us new products that are increasing our yields.”



Tom Hobson
Ravenna, OH

Todd McCormick

“…I have a more even coverage over the canopy with the LEDs laid out in bars…Overall I am so very impressed with the dimmable Verta 8, that I am planning to replace all of the lights in my mother room to 24 Verta-8’s, as the build quality and the dimmable ability just can’t be beat.”



Todd McCormick
San Francisco, CA

That Grow

“…The overall quality of the lights are amazing and I’m looking forward to seeing what they can do in a production facility.”



Eli McLean

Salem, OR

Maui Grown Therapies

“…but we prefer the Vertas for the following reasons: sturdier construction; better dimming solution; driver consumes less power; diode boards can be unscrewed and replaced with new ones, obviating the need to purchase a new base fixture; better customer service; better price.”



Chris Cole
Grow Technician

Maui, HI

Cultivation Sector Consulting, LLC

“SpecGrade is quickly making its way to list of well known and liked cannabis LED companies. Their fixtures are well designed for vertical growing and very solidly built. No other lighting company I know of offers a 10-year warranty and easy accommodation of spectrum changes by swapping out solder-free diode boards. While many other LED companies expect and want cultivators to replace fixtures every 5 years, SpecGrade is selling hardware that’s made to last, yet designed to evolve.”



Jennifer Martin

Maui, HI

Cultivation Bioengineering LTD

“The full spectrum white light in SpecGrade LED has not only been a pleasure to work under and excellent for plant photography, but the plants have also responded very well in every growth phase. Cannabis and vegetables have been growing vigorously and compactly with no unwanted stretching or stress. I have been growing new cannabis varieties as part of a breeding and research program and all are performing better under SpecGrade LED units compared to the other leading American made brands I have used prior. Moreover, the fixtures are silent and run at much cooler temperatures than some of the most popular LEDs out there, increasing the life and performance of the LEDs and eliminating any risk of personnel burn injury.

Their diligence and commitment to excellent is further demonstrated in their collaboration with academics and farmers for applied horticultural lighting research. You will find that they will treat you as well as any of their high profile clients or partners and listen intently to your needs with a willingness to work with you on any improvements or developments you would like to see. When you learn about their warranty and pricing, it is hard to believe they out-compete all major American and European manufacturers while using superior components, including indestructible frames, best in class heat sinks, and drivers rated for higher power loads than necessary to ensure a long life-spans.

In summation, I highly recommend SpecGrade LED for your horticultural lighting needs in both indoor and vertical cultivation facilities as well as greenhouses. I believe you will fall in love with these white powder coated, solid and sustainable fixtures just as I have, and you love having an attentive and responsive lighting partner even more.”



Joseph Chidiac
Horticultural Engineer